Harness the Infinite Potential of Your Taxi Business With Advanced Cab Booking App

Our advanced mobility solutions will elevate any transportation business to new heights, whether you operate a taxi fleet, private car rental company or carpool ride sharing.

Transform Your Taxi Business with Powerful Features

Achieve maximum operational efficiency and drive business growth with our powerful suite of advanced features.

Cab Booking App

Allow customers to book taxi, rental car, or carpool rides online. Integrated with an automated dispatch system for confirmation.

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Driver Registration

Onboard and manage driver profiles digitally with the upload of documents, licenses, vehicle details and more for credential validation.

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Real-Time Tracking

Pinpoint fleet vehicle locations on a live map powered by GPS. Monitor driver and passenger safety with live tracking.

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Multi-lingual Support

Facilitate global operations and localization with interface translations, multi-currency support and localized fare settings.

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Cashless Payments

Integrate payment gateways for secure digital payments via cards, digital wallets or stored account balances for seamless transactions.

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Scheduling for Carpools

Plan shared commutes for groups with the calendar booking of fixed carpool rides to recurring locations at scheduled times.

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