Materials Delivery Made Easy

The most advanced software solution to facilitate and scale materials delivery operations.

ZervX software for materials delivery
Admin panel dashboard and passenger app interface
Key features

Move Your Business Ahead

Our advanced features are aimed to empower grocery delivery service providing businesses to operate seamlessly from start to finish and have everything you need to succeed.

Automated Dispatching

Automatically assigns drivers to delivery requests based on their availability and proximity to the pickup location.

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Real-time Tracking

With our software, you can track the location of your drivers and deliveries in real-time, ensuring you always know where your materials are.

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Route Optimization

Our software optimizes delivery routes to reduce travel time, fuel costs, and increase delivery efficiency.

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Automated Invoicing

Our software automates the invoicing process, reducing administrative work and improving cash flow.

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Customizable Branding

Our software is fully customizable to your branding, ensuring consistency and professionalism.

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Payment Integration

Our software integrates with payment gateways, making it easy to receive payments for deliveries

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