Next-Generation Employee Transport Management System

The most advanced software to efficiently manage, track, and optimize employee's daily commutes.

Corporate transportation
Admin panel dashboard and passenger app interface
Key features

Move Your Business Ahead

Our advanced features are aimed to empower corporate transportation service providing businesses to operate seamlessly from start to finish and have everything you need to succeed.

Assigned Trips

Stay organized with a clear overview of the upcoming trip assignments, allowing you to prioritize tasks and manage time effectively.

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Vehicle Tracking

Provide real-time updates on the location of vehicles, allowing users to monitor their arrival time and plan accordingly.

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Manage Employees

Streamline employee transport management by easily adding, updating, organizing details, and trip schedules within the admin panel.

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Fleet Management

Manage fleet operations with comprehensive tools that allow you to add, manage, assign rides, and optimize routes.

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Notifications & Alerts

Receive real-time notifications and alerts to stay updated on trip assignments, schedule changes, and important updates.

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Emergency Button

Access immediate assistance in case of emergency, prioritizing safety and providing peace of mind for both employees and drivers.

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