Innovative Software for Moving Companies

Streamline your moving operations with our state-of-the-art technology and provide high quality of service to your customers.

ZervX software solution for moving companies
Admin panel dashboard and passenger app interface
Key features

Move Your Business Ahead

Our advanced features are aimed to empower fleet servicing businesses to operate seamlessly from start to finish and have everything you need to succeed.

Job Tracking

Offers real-time job tracking, allowing you to keep tabs on your team’s progress and ensure timely completion of each job.

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Job Assignments

You can assign jobs to workers based on their availability and skillset, guaranteeing the best possible outcome for each job.

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Digital Payment Options

Provides a variety of digital payment options, making it easy for your customers to pay for their moving services securely and conveniently.

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Status Notification

Automatically sends job status notifications to workers and customers, keeping everyone informed throughout the moving process.

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Schedule Management

Offers advanced scheduling management tools, making it easy for you to efficiently allocate resources and balance your team’s workload.

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Robust Security

Equipped with advanced security features, ensuring that your business data and customer information are protected at all times.

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