Advanced Software For Facility Servicing

Streamline your operations with our state-of-the-art technology and provide high quality of service to your customers.

ZervX software solution for facility servicing
Admin panel dashboard and passenger app interface
Key features

Move Your Business Ahead

Our advanced features are aimed to empower facility servicing businesses to operate seamlessly from start to finish and have everything you need to succeed.

Work Order Management

The software provides a comprehensive digital work order management system that allows businesses to track, prioritize, and manage all their service requests effectively.

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Real-time Tracking

Businesses can track service progress and updates in real time, enabling them to make timely decisions and respond quickly to any issues that may arise during service fulfillment.

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Inventory Management

Provides inventory management capabilities that allow businesses to accurately track inventory levels and ensure adequate supplies are available for servicing.

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Seamless Integration

Allows businesses to properly consolidate data and streamline their operations by automating manual processes, improving efficiency and minimizing the risk of errors.

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Multi-location Support

Enables businesses to strategically manage facility service operations across different locations, ensuring consistency, reliability and efficiency in service delivery.

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Our solution provides an easy-to-use scheduling system that allows businesses to schedule service appointments and assign technicians to specific tasks.

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