Unlock the Power of Modern Technology for Your Taxi Business

Discover the future of taxi dispatch technology with ZervX, the leading ride hailing software solution designed to supercharge your business.

Advanced Features Engineered For Success

Maintain an edge with our innovative features that drive efficiency, productivity, and growth.

Customizable Dashboard

Customize your dashboard to display the most relevant data and features for your business operations. Visualize key metrics, enabling better monitoring and analysis.

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Integration Capabilities

Our comprehensive integration process ensures you to seamlessly integrate our software with your existing systems and tools to achieve a unified workflow.

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Smart Algorithmic Dispatch

Our smart algorithms dramatically enhance dispatch efficiency, drastically lower wait times, and boost client satisfaction, all in all significantly improving service quality.

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Integrated Payment Gateways

Businesses can provide customers with seamless payment options by integrating secure payment gateways for cashless, credit card, or digital wallet transactions.

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ETA Notification

Estimated time of arrival notification feature enhances transparency and improves customer satisfaction by keeping them informed about their expected arrival time.

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Panic Button

Both our passenger and driver apps include an emergency button, enabling quick response and resolution for both drivers and passengers in critical situations.

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