Surge pricing

In our relentless pursuit of excellence in on-demand service solutions, we are happy to unveil our latest enhancement to the ZervX: the surge pricing. As a leading provider of ride hailing software solutions for businesses in the transportation sector, we understand the importance of efficiency, reliability and transparency. This blog will delve into the significance of this new feature, explaining what surge pricing is, how it works, and the benefits it brings to passengers, drivers and the taxi businesses.

What is surge pricing?

Surge pricing is a dynamic pricing mechanism that adjusts fares based on supply and demand dynamics. During periods of high demand and limited driver availability, prices increase to incentivize more drivers to enter the market, thereby balancing supply with demand. This ensures that passengers can still secure rides when demand peaks, albeit at a slightly higher cost.

How it works

When the demand for rides is high and there are not enough drivers nearby, the price of a ride goes up temporarily. This encourages more drivers to come online and pick up passengers, helping to balance things out, and the surge in pricing does not last forever. Once the demand goes down or more drivers come online, the prices return to normal. We have implemented two types of surge pricing to better serve our clients and their unique needs.

Automatic surge pricing

Our automated surge pricing uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, and it continuously analyzes demand patterns and driver availability in real-time. When the system detects high demand or limited driver availability in certain areas, it automatically adjusts fares to incentivize more drivers to come online.

Manual surge pricing

In the manual surge pricing, admins have the ability to manually adjust pricing thresholds and surge multipliers based on specific demand patterns. This flexibility allows for customized pricing strategies tailored to specific market conditions or business objectives.

AI powered surge pricing

Admin panel and driver app updates

In addition to the surge pricing, our admin panel and driver app have undergone significant updates to support this new feature. Admins now have greater control over surge pricing parameters, allowing them to adjust pricing thresholds and surge multipliers based on demand fluctuations.

Drivers, on the other hand, receive instant notifications about surge zones and also able to view the heat map, enabling them to respond promptly and efficiently to changing demand patterns.

Benefits of surge pricing

  • Surge pricing ensures optimal resource allocation by incentivizing drivers to operate in areas with high demand, reducing passenger wait times and improving overall service reliability.
  • Drivers are fairly compensated for their time and effort during peak demand times.

The introduction of the surge pricing represents a significant milestone in our mission,revolutionizing our ride-hailing platform. We remain committed to innovation and will continue to enhance our platform to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

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