Client’s achievements

About the Company

ZayRide is a prominent on-demand taxi service company based in Ethiopia, with its headquarters in Addis Ababa. It is a leading player in the Ethiopian ride hailing industry. Established as a customer-centric service, ZayRide offers fast and convenient taxi services throughout Ethiopia, including cities like Hawassa, Bahirdar, and Gonder.

The company prides itself on providing quality services anytime, anywhere, with a 24/7 call center to ensure customer satisfaction. ZayRide stands out as an innovative taxi-hailing app in Ethiopia, emphasizing technology-driven transport solutions and boasting a vast network of well-trained and secure taxi drivers. Apart from taxi services, they also provide delivery services.

Challenges Faced

ZayRide’s journey with their previous software providers was riddled with frustration and setbacks. Their system consistently underperformed and it leads to dissatisfied customers and operational inefficiencies. The challenges they encountered included:

Slow System Performance

The system struggled to keep up with the demands of real time dispatching caused delays and inefficiencies.

Inaccurate Location Tracking

The software often displayed incorrect locations, which caused confusion and inconvenience for both drivers and passengers. Customers often experienced frustration due to inaccurate location data, leading to missed pickups and longer wait times.

Inaccurate Fare Calculation

Fare calculations were inconsistent and incorrect, causing confusion and dissatisfaction among passengers. Billing discrepancies often leads to disputes and customer complaints.

Lack of Support

ZayRide struggled to receive timely support and assistance when encountering issues or seeking guidance for optimizing their operations. The inadequate support from their previous software solution providers caused many troubles and ended up in losing more customers.

Outdated Version & Scalability Issues

Their outdated software lacked essential updates and failed to keep pace with the increasing demands of their expanding business, which resulted in limited scalability and hindering growth potential.

Previous Solutions Tried

Prior to engaging with us, ZayRide experimented with four different software solutions in a quest to overcome their challenges. However, each attempt proved futile and left the client disillusioned and desperate for a viable solution.

Solutions Provided

Enhanced Performance: Our software solution ensures swift and efficient real-time dispatching that eliminates delays and operational inefficiencies. Now they can handle peak demands without any disruption and it has resulted in them getting more customers than ever before.

Improved Location Tracking: Our software now provides precise location tracking so that there will be no confusion for drivers and passengers. Now their customers do not experience any missed pickups and wait times, leading to increased reliability and trust in their service.

Accurate Fare Calculation: We have advanced fare calculation algorithms in our system, so after started using our software there are no fare calculation errors. We eliminated billing discrepancies as a result it brought down customer complaints and increased customer satisfaction.

Responsive Support: ZayRide now receives prompt and reliable support from our team whenever they encounter issues or require assistance. Our proactive approach to customer support has helped our client overcome challenges swiftly and minimizing disruptions to their operations.

Up-to-Date Software: Our software solution is regularly updated to incorporate the latest features and improvements. This ensures that our client’s operations remain up-to-date and scalable, allowing them to accommodate their growing business needs and seize new opportunities for expansion.

Advanced ride hailing features

Results Achieved

Before adopting our software solution, ZayRide’s operations were marred by inefficiencies and limitations. However, the implementation of our solution has resulted in a dramatic transformation:

Improved Performance

Our client’s system can now handle heavy loads with ease, facilitating smoother operations and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Business Growth

The enhanced capabilities of our software have enabled ZayRide to attract new customers and expand their market reach. With the ability to offer reliable and efficient service, ZayRide has positioned itself as a trusted partner in the transportation industry.

Increased Profits

By optimizing operations and delivering superior service, ZayRide has experienced a significant increase in profitability. The elimination of inefficiencies and ability to operate at peak performance levels have translated into tangible financial gains for ZayRide.

The collaborative partnership between ZayRide and our team exemplifies the transformative power of our ZervX ride hailing platform. Through our tailored approach, comprehensive support, and continuous innovation, we have enabled our client to overcome their challenges, achieve operational excellence, and emerge as a market leader in the Ethiopian ride hailing industry.

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